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Privacy Policy

Data protection and privacy

The Connecting the Culm interactive map is hosted by JBA Consulting on behalf of the Connecting the Culm project for Devon County Council. In order to provide this support, JBA Consulting acts as a data processor for DCC.

JBA Consulting will process your data based upon the following rules:

  • Categories of data processed
    The only personal data collected and further processed is the information you yourself provide. We will store your email address.
  • Purpose of the processing
    Your personal data is collected in order to provide you with website services when you request these. It is used to provide you with a login and appropriate access to Connecting the Culm data on the site. Your personal data will NOT be used by JBA Consulting for any other purpose, whether commercial or non-commercial, or redistributed by any means.
  • Recipients of the data
    Only JBA Consulting have access to your data. No personal data is shared with other third parties.
  • Means of processing
    You provide your personal data when you register for the system. The data provided are stored in a database.
  • Right of access, rectification, erasure and portability
    You may ask JBA Consulting to access a copy of your personal data, as well as to rectify and erase any such data at any time. Deletion of your account will mean that you are unable to login to the system after that point. You have the right to request the export of your personal data to a third party. Any requests for access, rectification, erasure or portability should be sent to or to JBA Consulting, 1 Broughton Park, Old Lane North, Skipton BD23 3FD.
  • Data retention
    The information you provide will be retained for as long as JBA Consulting provides the service, or until such time as you no longer require access.
  • Concerns and complaints
    If you have a concern or complaint about the way that your personal data has been or is being processed, please direct it to or to JBA Consulting, 1 Broughton Park, Old Lane North, Skipton BD23 3FD.